The 2010 DC->NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament is fully dependent on your participation and donations for our success.
THANK YOU for helping to make nuclear disarmament a reality IN OUR LIFETIME.

The cost to support one walker for the whole three-week trip is about $250 (about a dollar a mile!), about $85 for one week,
or about $15 per walker per day. Your donations help cover costs for food, accommodation, support vehicles, promotion
materials and other necessities.

You can donate now online via Paypal, or you may send a check to
2010 Walk for Nuclear Disarmament
c/o Proposition One
PO Box 27217
Washington, DC 20038

After you send us a donation with a check or Paypal, please also use this form to let us
know directly that you would like your funds to be used to support one or more walkers.

Your name
leave blank if none
Number: How many walkers do you wish to sponsor?
Length: For how long do you wish to sponsor your walker/s?
The cost per walker is $15 per day, $85 per week, or $250 for the whole walk.
Method of Donation: How do you intend to issue your donation?
Knowing this helps us keep track of our accounting!

Our goal is to raise enough money to sponsor at least 20 walkers for the full journey - $5000.

Thanks to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) we are well on our way.

WILPF has granted $2000 to this effort, and challenges other groups and individuals to help make up the difference.

Thank you, WILPF!

Other Donors:

GROUPS - (your group here?)

INDIVIDUALS - (your name here?)

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