Donate In Kind Resources for Peace Walk

The 2010 DC->NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition is fully dependent on your participation and support for our success.

One important way that you can help our walk and movement is by donating in kind resources.

Can you donate any of these items?
Food ~ (For hungry walkers.)
Gas Card/s ~ (For our support vehicle.)
Socks ~ (For walkers' sweaty feet.)
Seeds ~ (For planting and giving to people along the walk.)
Art Supplies ~ (For creative production: Signs, Puppets, etc.)
Medicine ~ (For ill or weary walkers: First Aid kits, herbal medicine or tea, natural muscle relaxer, etc.)
Paper / Ink ~ (For printing educational and publicity materials.)
Music ~ (Drums, horns and other loud instruments to increase vibrancy of our walk)

Can you please LOAN or donate any of these items?
Technology ~ (For documentation, media production, special events and networking) including
Digital Photo / Video Camera
Mobile Audio Sound System
Portable Wi-Fi Computer
Film Projector

Please fill out the form below and click "send" to let us know if you're able to donate any in-kind resources!

Your name
leave blank if none
What Kind?
What item/s are you interested in donating?

THANK YOU for helping to make nuclear disarmament a reality IN OUR LIFETIME.

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