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As we travel up to New York, we will stop each evening for dinner, sleep and breakfast before starting out again the next morning. In each location, we want to talk with local activists, media, and the general public about the urgent need for nuclear disarmament, the unique window of political opportunity, and what people can do locally to help mobilize grassroots support.

In the ideal, our visit to your community would look something like this:

For instance, the midpoint of the walk will be near Elkton, MD. We hope that some local friends of peace will join us in walking through Elkton, helping to carry signs, banners, puppets, and our message of hope and peace. Our advance team, working with local groups (religious, student, activist, etc.) will have already arranged a place for us to meet together with community members interested in disarmament, and our accommodation for the night. We would break bread together, have individual walkers talk about our journey and the reasons for it, possibly show a short film, play music, or engage in other cultural activity, and (most importantly) hear from your community about what challenges we face, and what more we can do locally to further the cause (collect petition signatures, write letters to Congress, make phone calls, create art, join the walk, etc.). We then retire for the evening (up early tomorrow!).

The next morning, breakfast! As we leave for our next destination up the road, what happens is largely up to you in the local community. We might join a short demonstration in a public place (city hall, public park, shopping center, etc.), walk the "Peace Mile" through town, plant a tree for peace, or whatever other creative action you can conceive. Then we are off again, en route to our next stop, New York, and the UN!

We are seeking groups or individuals who can help us with:

Accommodation (church basement, community center, gymnasium, or residences with floor space for approx. 20 motivated, early-to-bed & early-to-rise peace loving individuals)

Food (location for and preparation of group meals for dinner and/or breakfast)

Publicity & Outreach (advance fliering & promotion, outreach to interested local groups, media preparation)

Other Local Actions (organizing a visible public event, forum, rally or demonstration; recruiting locals to join the walk for a short distance (Peace Mile!))

If you can help with any of the above, or know someone who can, PLEASE contact us
through the form at
by phone at 202/682-4282,
or by email at marxjay(at)

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