Important note: The plans for our Peace Walk to New York are being adjusted in response to developing events, including the historic gathering of heads of state from 44 countries in Washington, DC on April 12-13 for the Nuclear Security Summit convened by President Obama. Please join us in Washington on April 8th for our announcement and press event at the Lafayette Park Peace Vigil at 12 noon.

Details to follow on this website, including:

  • Peace movement responses to the Nuclear Security Summit;
  • The path we are traveling from here to global nuclear disarmament and abolition (from April 22 in Philly, to April 29 in NYC)
  • The International Convergence for a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World, April 30 to May 2 in New York City.
  • The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) 2010 Review at the United Nations through May

February 2010

Dear Friend of Peace and Wisdom,

This letter is to inform you about our April 2010 DC to NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition, and to invite you to become engaged with our vision and action for a nuclear-free future.

We are an affiliation of peace and justice activists, planning to take 3 weeks in April to walk the 250 miles from Washington, DC, to New York, NY. Following in the tradition of many other peace walks, we are walking for nuclear disarmament and a world peace based in social justice.

Believing that every footstep is a prayer for peace, and that our collective grassroots action can truly help bring about the change we hope to see, we are walking to New York to demonstrate grassroots support for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition (In Our Lifetime!).

We invite you to be involved with our action. You may wish to walk with us for a few steps or miles, help host the walk or an event like a town hall or a "peace mile" in your community, support our walk by or sponsoring a walker or donating resources, or otherwise contribute to our mission. Let us know if you are interested! You can contact us or simply click a link for the specific way you'd like to be involved, at our website:

Along the way from DC to NYC—through Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Princeton, NJ, and points between—we will meet with religious groups, peace groups, student and environmental groups, and of course the general public, everywhere bearing witness to the awful specter of nuclear destruction, the immense waste of resources caught up in our nuclear complex, and the vast possibilities of a world without nuclear weapons if we can muster the will to (re-)create it.

Walk Basics:
Our three-week journey will depart from Washington, DC on April 8. Covering about 15 miles each day, we will stop for events, meals, rest breaks and sleep, arriving in New York on April 29, 2010 — in time for the major international Conference and Demonstration for Nuclear Disarmament, preceding a month of disarmament negotiations at the United Nations (UN) during the 5-Year Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference.

We aim for a core group of between 15 and 30 walkers who will make the full journey (or most of it) though we would happily make arrangements for more if there is sufficient interest. Even more, we hope more people will join us in each city or town we walk through — for a mile or even a minute — to add their presence, energy and intention to our collective cause of immediate disarmament and ultimate world peace.

We take President Obama at his word when he says — many times, to many audiences — that he wants us "… to know the peace of a world without nuclear weapons." But we also believe him when he quotes FDR about the importance of grassroots pressure: "All right, you've convinced me. Now go out and put some pressure on me!" Disarmament can not happen by the good will of our president alone. It will take the steady pressure of a peaceful, determined people. The grassroots movement that helped halt the arms race in the 1980's must again stand up and demand action to eliminate nuclear weapons now — before they eliminate us. This is where you come in!

We ask for your support. There are lots of logistics involved in getting people from DC to NYC on foot — food, accommodation, equipment transport and the like — but there is one thing we need most of all, and that is help from local peace-minded people to get the word out! Please forward this letter to others in your local community and peace activist networks.

If you want to join with us along the walk, help us organize an event or "peace mile" in your community, donate resources, or otherwise support our efforts, that would be wonderful. Please let us know!

Thank you in advance for your time, energy and interest in helping us create a peaceful "critical mass" of grassroots support for nuclear disarmament, in time for it to matter.

Best Regards,

Jay Marx
DC => NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition
Proposition One in 2010! Campaign Coordinator
1233 12th St., NW
Washington, DC 20005

Ethan Genauer
Walk Co-Coordinator
DC => NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition

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