Peace Walk to NYC Itinerary


Important note: The plans for our Peace Walk to New York are being adjusted in response to developing events, including the historic gathering of heads of state from 44 countries in Washington, DC on April 12-13 for the Nuclear Security Summit convened by President Obama. Please join us in Washington on April 8th for our announcement and press event at the Lafayette Park Peace Vigil at 12 noon.

Details to follow on this website, including:

  • Peace movement responses to the Nuclear Security Summit;
  • The path we are traveling from here to global nuclear disarmament and abolition (from April 22 in Philly, to April 29 in NYC)
  • The International Convergence for a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World, April 30 to May 2 in New York City.
  • The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) 2010 Review at the United Nations through May

Thursday, April 8th, 12 noon
Lafayette Park, Washington DC
Peace Walk announcement and press event!
Contact us for more details: moc.liamg|0102klawtpn#moc.liamg|0102klawtpn

20-Apr Tue PA Philly - U Penn => Temple U
21-Apr Wed PA Philadelphia Rest Day PEACE VIGIL and EVENING LECTURE
22-Apr Thu PA Philly => Camden, NJ EARTH DAY RALLY
23-Apr Fri NJ Camden => Burlington, NJ
24-Apr Sat NJ Burlington => Trenton, NJ
25-Apr Sun NJ Trenton => Princeton, NJ
26-Apr Mon NJ Princeton => New Brunswick, NJ (Chernobyl Anniversary)
27-Apr Tue NJ New Brunswick => Staten Island, NY
28-Apr Wed NY Staten Island => New York, NY
29-Apr Thu Manhattan, NY**

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