Please Join Our Peace Walk

We invite all peaceful people to spend as much time walking as you are willing and able.

Please join our Peace Walk for a few minutes, miles, days or weeks.

We encourage each individual walker to contribute $10 - 20 per day for the costs of the walk,
or as much as you can afford. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We ask all people
to be free of drugs, alcohol and weapons for the duration of your participation in the walk.

Please fill out the form below and click "send" to let us know your
interest in joining us on the Walk for Nuclear Disarmament and Abolition!

Your name
leave blank if none
Where would you like to join the walk?
You may review our itinerary below
Where would you like to leave the walk?
Extra comments
Do you have any special needs? Any questions? Or anything else you'd like to tell us?

Date Day Start Finish
8-Apr Thu DC => Mt. Ranier, MD
9-Apr Fri MD Mt. Ranier => Laurel, MD
10-Apr Sat MD Laurel => Elkridge/Avalon, MD
11-Apr Sun MD Elkridge => Baltimore, MD
12-Apr Mon MD Baltimore Rest Day
13-Apr Tue MD Baltimore => Towson, MD
14-Apr Wed MD Towson => Joppatowne, MD
15-Apr Thu MD Joppatowne => Havre de Grace, MD
16-Apr Fri MD Havre de Grace => Elkton, MD
17-Apr Sat MD Elkton => Newark / Wilmington, DE
18-Apr Sun DE Wilmington Rest Day
19-Apr Mon DE Wilmington => Chester, PA
20-Apr Tue PA Chester => Philadelphia, PA
21-Apr Wed PA Philly - U Penn => Temple U
22-Apr Thu PA Philly => Camden/Palmyra, NJ
23-Apr Fri NJ Camden/Palmyra, => Burlington, NJ
24-Apr Sat NJ Burlington => Trenton, NJ
25-Apr Sun NJ Trenton => Princeton, NJ
26-Apr Mon NJ Princeton => New Brunswick, NJ (Chernobyl Anniversary)
27-Apr Tue NJ New Brunswick => Staten Island, NY
28-Apr Wed NY Staten Island => New York, NY
29-Apr Thu Manhattan, NY

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