April 26-27 in New Brunswick, NJ

26-Apr Mon Princeton Chernobyl New Brunswick
27-Apr Tue New Brunswick, NJ Staten Island, NY

Outreach/Local Contacts

GreenFaith - Interfaith Partners for the Environment
46 Bayard St, # 401, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732-565-7740 / gro.htiafneerg|ofni#gro.htiafneerg|ofni
Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, gro.htiafneerg|reprahfver#gro.htiafneerg|reprahfver
Rabbi Lawrence Troster, Director, Fellowship Program, gro.htiafneerg|retsortlibbar#gro.htiafneerg|retsortlibbar
Stacey Kennealy, Coordinator, Green Flag, GreenFaith Schools Program, gro.htiafneerg|ylaenneks#gro.htiafneerg|ylaenneks
Rick Bohannon, Director, Building in Good Faith, gro.htiafneerg|nonnahobr#gro.htiafneerg|nonnahobr
Theodore Carrington, Director, Environmental Justice Program, gro.htiafneerg|notgnirract#gro.htiafneerg|notgnirract
"Thanks very much for your invitation to take part in the walk. It sounds great. That entire month is already jammed full with events for us, so I’m afraid we’ll take a pass. But I do appreciate your reaching out to us," Fletcher Harper, ED.

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War
PO Box 7726
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
email: ten.enilnotpo|raWoToN#ten.enilnotpo|raWoToN
Bob Witanek at 908-881-5275 or Dorothy Schwartz at 732-235-1444.
(732) 235-1444 / moc.loa|npaztrawhcs#moc.loa|npaztrawhcs

Rutgers activism (outdated list)

https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/pdnj - Progressive Politics New Jersey

https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/spnjdiscussion - Socialist Party of New Jersey



Core Walkers
Jay Marx
Ethan Genauer

Local Walkers

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Primary Contact

Arts (Performing)
Arts (Visual)

Fundraisers (eg. Sponsors - $1 per mile…)

Local Media (Press/Elec./Radio/TV)

Rutgers Media - http://getinvolved.rutgers.edu/organizations/find-an-organization?page=21



More organizations - http://getinvolved.rutgers.edu/organizations/find-an-organization

New Antiwar Group in Formation!
Join the listserve at ten.puesir.stsil|ebircsbus-ecnuonna_rawitna_ur#ten.puesir.stsil|ebircsbus-ecnuonna_rawitna_ur!

Progressive Student Alliance
Join the PSA listserve at moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-asp_sregtur#moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-asp_sregtur
* Advisor: Mary Hawkesworth ude.sregtur.icr|sekwahm#ude.sregtur.icr|sekwahm
To unite Rutgers students of diverse backrounds and interests to work together towards common goals of social justice on issues ranging from anti-corporate globalization, anti-racism, and anti-sexism to anti-war and anti-militarist struggles. The group seeks to fill the role of being a directly democratic group that is focused towards a wide range of progressive and radical viewpoints, and facilitate cooperation between likeminded individuals to further the struggle within the diverse range of issues embraced by the Progressive Student alliance.

People To People International
Category: Community Service
Officer: Contact ude.sregtur.nede|iptp#ude.sregtur.nede|iptp
Advisor: Justine Hernandez-Levine ude.sregtur.icr|nanrehj#ude.sregtur.icr|nanrehj
Dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes. While not a partisan or political institution, PTPI supports the basic values and goals of its founder, President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Japanese Cultural Association
* Website: http://rutgersjca.wordpress.com/
* Officer: Please contact the Student Organization office for more information about this organization.
* Advisor: Jiro Harasaki
To educate our members in Japanese traditional and popular culture through use of modern visual media. The organization presents a variety of Japanese films, TV shows, music, and animations; and then discusses the works in terms of art, story, and Japanese background.

Korean Cultural Group (Rutgers)
* Website: www.rkcg.org
* Advisor: Dong Churl Suh
To promote the understanding of Korean culture and its traditional music and dances to the Rutgers community and beyond.

Korean Students Association
* Website: www.ruksa.org
* Officer: Contact moc.liamg|askur#moc.liamg|askur
* Advisor: Ji Lee
To expose the Korean students and moreover the general Rutgers University community to traditional and modern Korean culture. Furthermore, the Organization will serve as a resource platform and tend to the needs of the Korean students by means of academic, cultural and social events.

Nichiren Buddhist Association (Rutgers University)
* Advisor: Prosper Godonoo ude.sregtur.icr|oonodog#ude.sregtur.icr|oonodog
To create a forum where discussion of spiritual and philosophical issues can be held. To create value in the student community through the promotion of "Peace, Culture, and Education" by: encouraging peaceful and non-violent means of dealing with sensitive social, political, and cultural issues; promoting a rich, multicultural, global society; providing the community with resources that share a unique perspective on social, cultural and political issues. To provide an environment for students to develop a greater understanding of Nichiren Buddhist philosophy and history. To create value by building and strenthening friendships through dialogue in the community, based on interest in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. To create value in students' daily life through encouraging practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism by: emphasizing the importance of "Faith, Practice and Study" in daily life; having faith in a sound philosophy of life, maintaining consistent practice of Buddhist faith to learn how to cope with personal obstacles and challenges in daily life, and maintaining consistent study of Buddhism and life in general. To promote peace, culture, environmental awareness and education in society through exhibitions, special guest lectures, and cultural activities.

JHR (Journalists for Human Rights)
* Category: Social Action/Political
* Advisor: Hema Patel ude.sregtur.icr|pameh#ude.sregtur.icr|pameh
Journalists for Human Rights main goal is to promote change journalism around the world. Change journalism is the process of writing, collecting, editing and publishing news stories that create societal dialogue on the issues at hand. Under the right circumstances, this, in turn, can prompt people, governments and civil society to change their behaviors or policies.

Ecological Change Coalition
* Website: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204625683&ref=ts
* Officer: Contact ude.sregtur.liame|sregtur_cce#ude.sregtur.liame|sregtur_cce
* Advisor: Bruce Barbour ude.sregtur.posea|ruobrab#ude.sregtur.posea|ruobrab
Want students and their communities to become educated about the changing state of our global community. Modern day issues concerning global warming are especially pertinent to our cause. We mean to work with other organizations to familiarize our campus with the most current problems facing the environment.

ONE Campaign (The)
* Website: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2554046125
* Officer: Contact moc.liamg|eno.sregtur#moc.liamg|eno.sregtur
* Advisor: Matt K. Matsuda ude.sregtur.icr|adustamm#ude.sregtur.icr|adustamm
Building a new social movement, rallying college students ñ ONE by ONE ñ to fight extreme poverty, global health diseases and the crises they create. ONE will engage the next generation of activists and leaders on important global issues by raising awareness and providing a platform for action. The ONE Campaign aims to motivate students to become educated and involved in the fight against extreme global poverty and health diseases.

Oxfam Rutgers
* Officer: Contact ude.sregtur.nede|mafxo#ude.sregtur.nede|mafxo
* Advisor: Matt Matsuda ude.sregtur.icr|adustamm#ude.sregtur.icr|adustamm
Oxfam Rutgers is a local chapter of Oxfam America and Oxfam International at Rutgers University. Oxfam Rutgers is dedicated to helping spread awareness about hunger, poverty, and injustice that occurs all over the world to the Rutgers University community. Oxfam Rutgers will also engage the Rutgers community in fundraising and volunteer activities, helping to create long-term solutions for global poverty and injustice. Oxfam Rutgers will also spread awareness about Oxfamís sub-organizations, such as Make Trade Fair, Control Arms and No Dirty Gold. Oxfam Rutgers will educate the student body about the issues of Fair Trade, illegal weapons distribution, and harmful mining practices, and encourages students to address these problems through activism, advocacy, and awareness. Rutgers Oxfam shall provide a motivating and exciting atmosphere for pursuing social justice and enfranchising students to support these goals. Rutgers Oxfam will also educate its members about the work of Oxfam America, its internships, volunteer work, and job opportunities to further the activism of its members.

Students for Environmental Awareness
* Website: http://www.geocities.com/rutgers_sea/
* Officer: Contact moc.oohay|AES_sregtuR#moc.oohay|AES_sregtuR
* Advisor: Kristen Drusjack ude.sregtur.posea|kcajsurd#ude.sregtur.posea|kcajsurd
SEA is a student organization founded around the ideas of environmental education, awareness, and activisim. Without a sound understanding of environmental and social issues, students will not be able to make effective decisions that will benefit them in the long run. SEA, therefore, provides the needed outlet at Rutgers University for students to voice their environmental concerns, learn effective and creative ways to deal with their concerns, and educate others about these concerns.

New Jersey Solidarity
We are a grassroots Palestine solidarity organization based upon principles of anti-imperialism, anti-racism and social justice. We are committed to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation and return, and with all struggles for justice.


Sunday meeting for worship:
109 Nichol Ave
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901-2836
Time of worship: 10:30 a.m.

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