The Urgency of Mobilizing for Nuclear Disarmament Now

The 2010 DC-NYC Walk for Nuclear Disarmament has one objective: mobilize grassroots support for true Nuclear Disarmament - Now!

Now, 2010, is our tipping point — between new plutonium pit facilities, new permitting requests for uranium mining and nuclear power plants, the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review, and President Obama's call for disarmament, we are faced with a watershed moment on nuclear weapons and power. Over the next year, together we must pursue a concrete action plan with a vision towards real nuclear abolition within our lifetimes. We are prepared to mobilize with thousands of people, from DC to NYC and beyond, to seize this crucial moment in the disarmament movement.

We need you with us to do this. We need to organize together to develop new skills, deepen our understanding of the issues, strengthen our community, and extend our network like wildflowers. WE MUST ACT TOGETHER or end up with a world of nuclear weapons forever. To stop the nukes of the future, we will start where the decision to create, use and expand nukes all began: Washington, DC.

Join us from April 8th to 29th, 2010, on our Walk for Nuclear Disarmament from Washington, DC to New York, NY
… and create this movement with us!

The good news is that over 70% of the American people want nuclear disarmament (University of MD poll, 2007). The bad news is that there exists a nuclear industrial complex that is deeply vested in the perpetuation of nuclear weapons research and development. Made up of elements of government, the US military, and (of course) private for-profit corporations, this alliance of interested atomicists is extremely well-funded and enjoys the support (inertia, momentum, call it what you will) of the status quo. It is up to us 70% to demand (in peaceful, public, creative and tenacious ways) that our majority be respected, and that our government spend our resources as we demand—not as how they, so vested and compromised, might prefer.

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