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Date Day Start Event/s Contact/s Finish
8-Apr Thu DC Mt. Ranier
9-Apr Fri Mt. Ranier Laurel
10-Apr Sat Laurel Elkridge/Avalon
11-Apr Sun Elkridge Baltimore
12-Apr Mon Baltimore Baltimore
13-Apr Tue Baltimore Towson University Towson
14-Apr Wed Towson Joppatowne
15-Apr Thu Joppatowne Havre de Grace
16-Apr Fri Havre de Grace Elkton, MD
17-Apr Sat Elkton, MD Newark, DE Wilmington, DE
18-Apr Sun Wilmington, DE Wilmington, DE
19-Apr Mon Wilmington, DE Chester, PA
20-Apr Tue Chester, PA Philly
21-Apr Wed Philly U Penn to Temple Philly
22-Apr Thu Philly Earth Day Camden/Palmyra, NJ
23-Apr Fri Camden/Palmyra, NJ Burlington, NJ
24-Apr Sat Burlington, NJ Mumia B'Day Trenton, NJ
25-Apr Sun Trenton, NJ Princeton
26-Apr Mon Princeton Chernobyl New Brunswick
27-Apr Tue New Brunswick, NJ Staten Island, NY
28-Apr Wed Staten Island Manhattan
29-Apr Thu Manhattan

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Date Day Start Finish
8-Apr Thurs DC => Mt. Ranier, MD
9-Apr Friday MD Mt. Ranier => Laurel, MD
10-Apr Sat MD Laurel => Elkridge/Avalon, MD
11-Apr Sun MD Elkridge => Baltimore, MD
12-Apr Mon MD Baltimore REST DAY
13-Apr Tue MD Baltimore => Towson, MD
14-Apr Wed MD Towson => Joppatowne, MD
15-Apr Thu MD Joppatowne => Havre de Grace, MD
16-Apr Fri MD Havre de Grace => Elkton, MD
17-Apr Sat MD Elkton => Newark / Wilmington, DE
18-Apr Sun DE Wilmington => Chester, PA
19-Apr Mon PA Chester => Philadelphia, PA

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