April 25-26 in Princeton, NJ

25-Apr Sun Trenton, NJ Princeton
26-Apr Mon Princeton Chernobyl New Brunswick

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a list for student activists organizing for economic justice at Princeton University
announcement list for student activists organizing for economic justice at Princeton University

Coalition for Peace Action, Lawrenceville Chapter (5 miles south of Princeton)
Chair: Carol Lerner
Email: ten.tsacmoc|renrellorac#ten.tsacmoc|renrellorac This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: (609) 883-8878

Coalition for Peace Action
40 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: 609-924-5022
Email: gro.noitilaocecaep|apfc#gro.noitilaocecaep|apfc
ED Rev. Robert Moore - http://www.peacecoalition.org/about/reverendrobertmoore.html

Core Walkers
Jay Marx
Ethan Genauer

Local Walkers

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All student organizations - http://www.princeton.edu/odus/activities/organizations/directory/

Peace Network, Princeton
Type: political
Website: princeton.edu/~ppn
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|npp#ude.notecnirp|npp
Description: Aims to encourage discussion & political action in favor of peaceful alternatives to military force.

American Foreign Policy
Type: publication
Website: princeton.edu/~afp
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|pfa#ude.notecnirp|pfa
Description: AFP expresses student views towards current issues in America foreign policy.

Amnesty International
Type: special interest
Website: princeton.edu/~amnesty
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|ytsenma#ude.notecnirp|ytsenma
Description: Advocate International Human Rights. Members meet to increase awareness & petition rights violators

Asian Heritage Council Formaly(Asian Pacific A. H.C.)
Type: social
Website: princeton.edu/~apahm
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|mhapa#ude.notecnirp|mhapa
Description: Dedicated to be organization of educational events centered on Asian American Heritage

Asian-American Students Association
Type: ethnic
Website: princeton.edu/~aasa
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|asaa#ude.notecnirp|asaa
Description: Dedicated to be organization of educational events centered on Asian American Heritage.

Type: publication
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|NMAB#ude.notecnirp|NMAB
Description: counter-culture publication and organization.

Brother's Keepers
Type: special interest
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|repeekb#ude.notecnirp|repeekb
Description: Students committed to incorporating a thoughtful conversation about the problem of genocide

Buddhist Student Organization
Type: special interest
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|msihddub#ude.notecnirp|msihddub
Description: The University's Buddhist group on campus. Hosting weekly meditations, discussions, and other events

Dollars & Sins
Type: publication
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|sdnad#ude.notecnirp|sdnad
Description: independent online newspaper for social conscious students-issues corporatism, free trade etc.

Type: special interest
Website: www.princeton.edu~/emerge
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|egreme#ude.notecnirp|egreme
Description: Emerge! A Global Bazaar is an initiative aimed at i) increasing awareness and interest and ii) provoking action in international development, while iii) developing synergies by creating a network of globally-minded students, faculty and initiatives. It presents issues such as poverty, healthcare and human rights. Emerge also celebrates the rich arts and culture in the developing world through promoting artisans (selling crafts) and performance from developing regions.

Environmental Action, Princeton
Type: environmental
Website: princeton.edu/~pea ~environ
Description: PEA's goal is to let students know what is going on in the world I terms of the environment.

Global Issues Forum
Type: academic
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|labolg#ude.notecnirp|labolg
Description: GIF is a student group dedicated to enhancing understanding of global issues on the princeton campus

Greening Princeton
Type: environmental
Website: princeton.edu/~greening
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|gnineerg#ude.notecnirp|gnineerg
Description: Focuses on improving environmental practices on campus in areas such as dining, energy & purchasing.

Japanese Students Association
Type: ethnic
Website: No site listed.
Description: Brings students together to enhance Princetonians' understanding of Japanese culture.

Korean American Students Association
Type: ethnic
Website: princeton.edu/~kasa
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|asak#ude.notecnirp|asak
Description: Strives to provide students with events related to Korea and its culture

ONE Campaign
Type: service
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|eno#ude.notecnirp|eno
Description: ONE is a nonpartisan advocacy and awareness raising org united to help make poverty history.

Princeton Asia Review
Type: publication
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|rap#ude.notecnirp|rap
Description: Publication on Asian politics, economics and culture.

Princeton Justice Project
Type: political
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|ecitsuj#ude.notecnirp|ecitsuj
Description: largest student advocacy group on campus. Umbrella for 7 different social justice projects.

Progressive Nation, The (Idealistic Nation/Progressive Rev)
Type: publication
Website: www.princetonprog.edu
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|tangorp#ude.notecnirp|tangorp
Description: The Princeton Progressive Nation is the liberal-leaning political publication on campus. We print issues quarterly and release a column page every week.

Roosevelt Institution
Type: political
Website: Rooseveltinstitution.org/princeton
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|ir#ude.notecnirp|ir
Description: This is the chapter of the national Roosevelt Institution, the progressive student think tank. We write policy and lead campus programs.

Students United for a Responsible Global Environment
Type: environmental
Website: No site listed.
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|sregrus#ude.notecnirp|sregrus
Description: Dedicated to creating awareness and inspiring policy change campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Watch
Type: environmental
Website: www.princeton.edu/~njh2o/
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|o2hjn#ude.notecnirp|o2hjn
Description: Encourages stewardship of local waterways by educating & activating students around water quality


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton
50 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-924-1604
Email: gro.notecnirpuu|eciffo#gro.notecnirpuu|eciffo
Staff contacts - http://www.uuprinceton.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=63

Sunday meeting for worship:
470 Quaker Rd
Princeton, NJ, 08540-4838
Time of worship: 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

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